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In Software Center, companies and universities work together to accelerate the adoption of novel approaches to software engineering. The cooperation between academia and companies creates the software engineering success stories that the Swedish- and Nordic industry needs. Let us tell you why.

The Nordic countries have a 30 year old history in being one of the most successful developers of software systems. We still have the prerequisites to be a world leader. Somehow other parts of the world have dared to think and do different and are moving ahead. They see software engineering as a critical core capability where best practice are changing rapidly. So do Software Center and that is why 8 companies and 5 universities have decided to put effort and time to be our strategic partners. It pays back.

The goal is 10 x productivity in 10 years. To reach the goal companies and universities work together in seven different themes. Several projects are proceeding in this very moment and there are more to come. Software Center is continuously developing their partnerships and methods.

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Helena Holmström Olsson, Associate professor:

Kent Niesel, Technical Leader at Volvo Cars:

Technology themes

There are four different technology themes for the research projects.

Application Domain Themes

Application Domain Themes

Projects within the Application Domain Themes.


Research results within the Software Center collaboration.


Regional events

Regional events hosted by Software Center partners.

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