A successful Reporting Workshop

News: Jun 04, 2015

The Software Center Reporting Workshop, arranged two times per year, sums the ongoing sprint and gives a glimpse of the future. On June 4:th more than 70 people gathered in Gothenburg to listen to and discuss with Software Center researchers and strategic company partners.

The Reporting Workshop always offers the audience some news. This year one new project propsal and a company driven project on tools were presented. A special guest was invited to give the full day workshop that bit extra. Hans van Vliet, Professor of Software Engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, visited to giva a very appreciated talk about architecture.

You can read some of the material from the Reporting Workshop in the presentations below.
Researcher Romina Spalazzese giving her presentation about the project Managing interoperability concerns in larger companies.
The strategic company partner Axis is very active in Software Center and shared their experiences. Fredrik Hugosson presented their material.

A special invited guest, Hans van Vliet, Professor of Software Engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, gave the event that bit extra.


Software Center - Accelerating Best Practices to Software Engineering (pdf), Jan Bosch

Theme 1 - Continuous Delivery
Implications of Continuous Deployment (pdf), Agneta Nilsson and Eric Knauss
Visual GUI Testing (pdf), Emil Alégroth
Managing interoperability concerns in larger companies (pdf), Romina Spalazzese

Theme 2 - Continuous Architecture
Agile Architecture Conformance, Antonio Martini
Scaling agile in mechatronic organizations, Ulrik Eklund
Developing complex products – Architecture perspective, Rogardt Heldal

Theme 3 - Metrics
Quasar@Car (pdf), Darko Durisic
VISEE (pdf), Rakesh Rana
Group maturity and agility (pdf), Lucas Gren

Theme 4 - Customer Data and Ecosystem-Driven Development
Fast customer feedback in large-scale software engineering (pdf), Helena Holmström Olsson
Strategic ecosystem-driven R & D management (see the presentation above), Helena Holmström Olsson
Ecosystemability assesment method (pdf), Eric Knauss and Imed Hammouda
A case study on integration of User Experience into software development projects (pdf), Pariya Kashfi

Company driven project
Tools (pdf), Christoffer Höglund, Saab

New project proposal
Managing the Agile Organisation–an International Perspective on Enterprise Agility (pdf), Alexander Wong

Company presentations
Saab (pdf), Torvald Mårtensson
Jeppesen (pdf), Anders Forsman
Axis, Fredrik Hugosson

Researcher Rakesh Rana, presenting the Metrics theme.



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