Software Center at Volvo Car Corporation

News: Mar 20, 2015

Around 80 persons from Volvo Cars gathered to listen to lectures about Software Center. On stage were both researchers and Software Center's strategic company partners.

Kent Niesel, Technical Leader at Volvo Cars who arranged the event, opened with "We need more speed", a sentence that pervaded the event.

Volvo Cars is already participating in several Software Center research projects and is now hoping to create a wider awareness about Software Center and the value of being active in the various research activities.

Enjoy the presentations:

Volvo Car Software Center Day - Need for Speed (pdf), Kent Niesel

Software Center VCC Day - Innovating Faster Together (pdf), Jan Bosch

Software Center Project #1: Implications of Continuous Deployment (pdf), Agneta Nilsson

Software Center Project #12 - The Challenges of Scaling Agile in Mechatronic Systems (pdf), Ulrik Eklund

Metrics Research - Enabling Actionable Software Metrics in Modern Companies (pdf), Miroslaw Staron

Customer Data and Ecosystem Driven Development (pdf), Helena Holmström Olsson

Building world-class metrics culture at Ericsson (pdf), Wilhelm Meding





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