Customer Data- and Ecosystem-Driven Development


Support the participating companies in shortening the distance to customers, and improving their strategic positioning within their business and software ecosystems.


Support the advancement of data- and ecosystem-driven development practices to improve R&D management and inter-organisational co-creation of value.

Improve the companies’ ability to strategically align with, amplify and accelerate in synergy with ecosystem stakeholders to maximize inter-organisational co-creation of customer value.

Improve the companies’ ability to continuously validate software functionality with customers to increase customer value and R&D accuracy.

Support and facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among the participating companies.


Objectives and Scope:

Fast Customer Feedback in Large-Scale Software Engineering (project 5):

  • Focuses on the advancement of agile practices, and how large-scale software development companies move towards continuous deployment and beyond.
  • Explores ways in which large-scale software development companies can shorten feedback loops to customers both during and after product development and deployment.
  • Develops data management and feature experiment
    strategies, and mechanisms for data-driven development practices to impact the accuracy of PM decisions and R&D management.


Ecosystem-Driven Development (project 9 and 11):

  • Focuses on the transition from an intra-organizational perspective to an inter-organizational perspective where networks of stakeholders co-create value in business and software ecosystems.
  • Developes strategies to support companies when transitioning towards systems, solutions and services.
    Studies implications from a (1) technical and architectural, and (2) management and strategy perspective.

Collaborative Research Projects

Ways-of-working: HOW?

  • Collaborative projects with multiple companies and several researchers to broaden competence and facilitate knowledge sharing.Joint workshop sessions AND company-specific interactions to generate generalizable results, as well as knowledge unique for one company.
  • Accumulating knowledge in each sprint to allow for continuous growth of theoretical and empirical domain expertise.


Ways-of-working: WHY?

  • Efficient knowledge sharing between researchers and company representatives.
  • Efficient knowledge sharing between participating companies.
  • Short feedback loops and multiple interaction points to allow for frequent and flexible project planning, execution and evaluation.

Publications, Sprint 6

  • Olsson Holmström H., Sandberg A., Bosch J., and Alahyari H. (2014). Scale and Responsiveness In Large-Scale Software Development. Accepted for publication IEEE Software.
  • Olsson Holmström H., and Bosch J. (2014). Towards Agile And Beyond: An empirical account on the challenges involved when advancing software development practices. In Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Agile Software Development, May 26 – 30, Rome, Italy.
  • Olsson Holmström H., and Bosch J. (2014). The HYPEX Model: From Opinions to Data-Driven Software R&D. In Proceedings of the 40th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advance Applications, August 27 – 29, Verona, Italy.
  • Olsson Holmström H., and Bosch J. (2014). Ecosystem-Driven Software Development: A case study on the emerging challenges in inter-organizational R&D. In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Software Business, June 16 – 18, Paphos, Cyprus.
  • Knauss, E. and Hammouda, I. (2014). EAM - Ecosystemability Assessment Method, Submitted to 22nd IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference, Poster Session, Karlskrona, Sweden.
  • Eklund, U., Olsson, H. H., and Strøm, N-J. (2014). The challenges of scaling agile in mass-produced embedded systems. In Proceedings of the ’Workshop on Principles of Large-Scale Agile Development’, T. Dingsøyr and N.B. Moe (Eds.), the 15th International Conference on Agile Software Development, May 26 – 30, Rome, Italy.


Theme 4, Leader: Helena Holmström Olsson

Helena Holmström Olsson


Helena Holmström Olsson, Associate professor (Bitr. professor) at the Department of Computer Science at Malmö University in Malmö, Sweden.

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